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Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Moveable Seat Wagon Systems

Nashville, Tennessee

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is the home to the critically acclaimed Nashville Symphony.

The overall size of the new building is 197,000 square feet with 1,860 seats distributed over three levels. It is reported that the architecture for the structure was inspired by some of the world’s great concert halls.

A unique feature of this building is a convertible seating system that is designed for maximum versatility. The main hall can be transformed from a comfortable raked seating system for classical performances to an open ballroom floor for dining, banquets and entertainment. There are eight independent moveable seat wagons that are capable of moving into a special storage space below the main hall.

We worked as a consultant to J.R. Clancy on this project and our involvement consisted of designing the structural support and flooring systems for each of the eight individual moveable seat wagons. Additionally, we assisted J.R. Clancy’s mechanical engineering department with the integration of an independent drivetrain system for each moveable wagon, as well as recessed guide tracks within the main hall and storage area floors.