Our Services Energy

TDK Engineering provides services designed to assist our clients with reducing their energy expenses. We can recommend strategies for controlling natural gas supply costs and evaluate alternative fuel supply options. Having an alternative fuel supply allows large natural gas consumers to switch from a more expensive 'firm' delivery service to a less expensive 'interruptible' service. We have also assisted our clients with their review of natural gas supply pricing and contracts.

In the wastewater treatment arena, we have successfully installed and operated process control systems that use power more efficiently. We can evaluate the use of such systems for pollution control equipment operations, industrial processes and water treatment and distribution systems.

We can also assist our clients with determining their carbon footprint and performing life cycle assessments. The following is a summary of our energy service programs:

  • Alternative Fuel Supply Evaluations
  • Carbon Footprint Calculations
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Natural Gas Supply Coordination
  • Process Control Optimization
  • Utility Service Evaluations

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