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Sewage Collection and Treatment

At TDK Engineering, we have successfully designed treatment systems to clean up some of the most complex wastewater.

Whether your wastewater is a typical sanitary waste stream or a high-strength industrial discharge, we can assist you with the design of a new system or retrofit of your existing system, as value-engineering would dictate.

TDK Engineering has the expertise to provide you with biological, physical-chemical and membrane systems. We have also designed numerous subsurface treatment and disposal systems.

While the treatment technology is critical, we also consider other important factors that set our designs apart from the competition such as system maintenance, solids accumulation, pump & valve selection and process control. Some companies will attempt to overwhelm you with technology. We will overwhelm you with an effective design based on common-sense.

TDK Engineering will also provide you with permit compliance solutions. We understand the enforcement response process and can assist you through administrative hearings, violation responses, consent order negotiations and other enforcement procedures.

We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating permit conditions and eliminating the need to install costly treatment equipment when other effective systems are available. TDK Engineering also has programs to assist you with periodic self-monitoring and the reduction of high- concentration/volume surcharges.

  • Biological Treatment System Design
  • Engineering Reports
  • Energy Assessments
  • Flow Monitoring & Control
  • High Strength Surcharge Evaluations
  • pH Monitoring & Control
  • Permit Assistance
  • Physical-Chemical Treatment System Design
  • Process Control Optimization
  • Sampling, Analysis & Reporting Programs
  • Spill Prevention Plans
  • Subsurface Disposal Systems
  • Underground Injection