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Since the 1970s, federal, state and local governments have created thousands of environmental regulations. At TDK Engineering, we can help you navigate your project or enforcement action through the regulatory web of permits, laws and regulations.

Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide you with effective solutions regardless of the contaminant or the effected media (air, soil, groundwater and surface water).

TDK Engineering is experienced in:

  • Environmental site assessments, Phase I and II
  • Brownfield remediation
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
  • Solid waste management permits
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs)

We also have significant background in investigating and remediating hazardous wastes and petroleum-contaminated sites.  Technologies that we have employed include soil vapor extraction, ground water pump-and-treat, and bioremediation enhancements.

  • Subsurface investigations
  • Design of petroleum and hazardous waste remediation systems
  • Underground storage tank (UST) services
  • Industrial pre-treatment program management
  • Pesticide management