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Theatrical equipment planning and design is a unique component of TDK Engineering. We have designed numerous “one-of-a-kind” structures for various entertainment venues throughout the United States.

The theatrical industry demands precision without compromising safety; as many of the structures involve close interaction and overhead conditions with stage hands, performers and patrons.

Many theatrical concepts presented by leading industry architects result in very complex structures that require exacting tolerances. These structures are typically designed to optimize the limited space that is provided and often times, these structures must be capable of being easily stored or transformed to allow for the next performance.

The design of theatrical equipment utilizes both structural and mechanical engineering principals. The majority of our engineering services have been through a local theatrical equipment fabricator/supplier renown in this industry on a national and international level.

A listing of theatrical engineering services that TDK Engineering offers are as follows:

  • Forensic Investigations
  • Specialty Structure Planning and Design
  • Drive Systems and Controls
  • Fabrication Coordination and Inspections
  • Mock-Up Testing Operations
  • Installation Coordination and Inspections
  • Rigging Systems